Introducing Mindful Movement

Therapy Transformed is so excited to begin Mindful Movement sessions! These sessions will be available near our Utah office locations and will provide an opportunity to move your body in nature as a supportive aspect to regular therapy.

What is Mindful Movement?

Moving our bodies in nature is an integral piece of starting to heal ourselves. The mindful movement session helps to create space for our mind, body, and soul to create deeper self connection and meaning making. Our therapists are trained in somatic resourcing, grounding and utilization of nature for integration. The intention and benefit of these sessions is to incorporate nature and movement as a catalyst to deeper healing and to complement your current therapy practice. 

How is Mindful Movement helpful?

Mindful movement sessions provide the opportunity to focus on somatic work and to become your own internal healer. We go throughout our daily lives with consistent activation and triggers that feel overwhelming or uncomfortable to our psyche. The goal with mindful movement is to have more connection with our bodies to identify and to recognize our activation and learn skills that will help deactivate and re-regulate our nervous system.  Thus, these sessions are provided as an adjunct to traditional talk therapy, accenting cognitive and intellectualized strategies and provide a holistic method of healing and skill building. Nature provides an enhanced medium in which to ground ourselves and practice self regulation.

What do these sessions look like?

Mindful movement session structure: Meet your therapist at a designated location. Your therapist will begin by helping you start with intention setting, somatic mindfulness and then attune to your needs as you move your body. These mindful movements t can be walking, sitting, stretching or a mix of these: it’s about slowing down, and learning to listen to yourself.

If you are interested in adding Mindful Movement to your therapy, reach out to your individual therapist or contact our office at 801-899-3558.


Transformative Self Connection Retreat Opportunity

Transformative Self Connection Retreat Opportunity

FlareCircle Women’s Wellness Retreats Offer a Guided Weekend of Empowerment through Intentional Self-care & Connection!


Connect with your authentic self amidst elements of Earth, Water, Air, & Fire in some of the world’s most treasured natural spaces. Each moment is grounded in mental health & hygiene best-practice and expertly designed to help:

  • Recharge your sense of self & purpose
  • Reconnect with your authentic needs & wants
  • Nurture a deep understanding that:
    • YOU are worthy
    • YOU are enough
    • YOU are all you need to build something new


Wondering how to know if this retreat is right for you? ASK YOURSELF!

Consider the following as you dig deep & listen to YOU:

  • Do you feel burned out? Exhausted?
  • Ready to snap if one more thing goes wrong?
  • Are you unhappy, maybe even angry, for no clear reason?
  • Terrified of change or failure?
  • Desperate to keep things in control & order?
  • Do things that once made you feel happy or fulfilled just, not anymore?


These feelings are red alerts of disconnection from our authentic self; warnings that she needs our quality time & healing, like, YESTERDAY.


I felt this way for years, taking Rx meds & trying to “choose to be happy & grateful,” until I finally hit a level of burnout that wouldn’t be ignored. After a long, expensive period of mental & physical health resets, I gained amazing tools to help heal & prevent similar disconnects. 


I’ve used these tools to craft a wellness experience that helps us heal before our bodies demand it — a weekend in beautiful, relaxing spaces, surrounded by compassionate support & gentle opportunities to practice hearing & honoring our authentic needs.

Every element is informed by top wellness experts & designed in consultation with world-class teachers & coaches to help YOU build transformative self-trust, self-love, & self-confidence.

This experience is NOT about escape; it’s about nurturing a deep connection with your most authentic self. Because she is the most precious & powerful partner you have. And she has everything it takes to help you face what isn’t working, so you can create & nurture a life you never need to escape.



Reserve your spot today & get ready to rediscover how worthy of your own time you truly are.

To register or request more info, message FlareCircle via Facebook or Instagram or email

Download informational flyer here.

A $700 non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking 

+ All attendees must certify full COVID vaccination status to attend.


Heather Mason

Founder & Principal Coach

FlareCircle Wellness Retreats

IG: @flarecirclewellness 

FB: FlareCircleWellness: 

Women Empowered to Unite, Heal, & Shine


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy FAQ

Have you wondered what ketamine treatments are and how they can be helpful? We answer our most common questions here. If you need more information, reach out to us! We’d love to talk to you more about this innovative and promising new treatment.


What is ketamine?

Ketamine is a type of anesthesia and has been approved for use on humans since the 1970’s. It was first used in the Vietnam War with injured soldiers. Ketamine does not decompress your lungs or your breathing so it is safe to be used in multiple different settings.


Why try ketamine instead of antidepressants and typical psychiatric medication? 

Ketamine is a catalyst to allow your body and mind to heal. Research is identifying that individuals who have taken antidepressants for multiple years have stopped receiving any benefit from them due to:

  1. a) the lack of neuroplasticity in the brain
  2. b) placebo effect
  3. c) the plateau effect of medication 
  4. d) serotonin overload

Ketamine creates neuroplasticity in the brain, allowing the serotonin to decompress and dopamine to regenerate. 80% of research studies’ data collection has identified that individuals who have done the standard treatment (6 Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy sessions within 4-6 weeks) within a 2 year period have not needed antidepressants and have only needed 6 to 12 month “tune-up” Ketamine sessions.


What is ketamine assisted psychotherapy?

In short we call this KAP! It’s exactly what it sounds like – a therapy session 

alongside your Ketamine treatment. You go to your ketamine appointment and have a therapist meet with you during the ketamine session. This type of therapy has been researched and approved by the FDA and John Hopkins specifically for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and chronic Depression. In addition, research has also found KAP provides significant benefit for chronic and debilitating anxiety, substance abuse, and negative thought cognitions that impact daily life.


Why do KAP in addition to just doing ketamine?

KAP is the new standard of practice.  It aligns with ethical and liability standards of care in the medical and therapeutic realms. Ketamine alone, without Psychotherapy, can still have a significant benefit. However, research is showing that Ketamine has longer lasting impacts when trauma, anxiety, depression, and negative narratives are processed concurrently with therapy.  And overall, research shows that clients have a better experience through the process.


How do I know if KAP and ketamine are for me?

Talk to your therapist, your medical provider and the doctor who you’d be considering to administer your Ketamine sessions. If you don’t have a therapist or provider but have been struggling with trauma, depression, anxiety, substance abuse or just feel stuck in your thought patterns – consult with a therapist or psychiatrist.


Listen to our KAP specialist, Morgan Gonzales, talk about KAP and all of its benefits.


What does it feel like when you have ketamine?

Ketamine is a psychedelic, meaning it has dissociative properties when administered. What that means for you is that when you are in a controlled psychedelic or “another” conscious state, your mind is able to create and regenerate itself. With the analgesic component, your body is very relaxed. You are in a safe and comfortable clinic setting with medical observation of your vitals. Many describe feelings of being outside of their body. Being outside of your body is a way for your ego to detach emotions from memories. When ketamine wears off, you may have a small amount of tingling in your arms and feet and within a few minutes you are ready to walk and leave the clinic. 


Is ketamine for everyone? 

No treatment is for everyone.  Please consult with a therapist and a psychiatrist to determine if KAP and Ketamine are right for you. Currently, Ketamine has been researched on adults.  There is a lack of research on adolescents and children. There may be certain conditions that Ketamine is not best suited for – please refer to your physician or psychiatrist if you have concerns about any medical condition.


Will my insurance pay for it? 

Insurance does not cover the standard method of  ketamine treatment at this time:  IV (Intravenous) or IM (intramuscular)  At Therapy Transformed, we partner with a psychiatrist who is a ketamine provider and can offer a financial package for KAP, giving you an affordable option. There are also specific programs that can provide funding up front and low monthly payments. You can ask your provider to talk more about these third party companies to get more information.


What can I expect to feel after ketamine and overall, what will I get out of it?

Everyone is different, because all of us have different minds and bodies. We hope that after 3 sessions each client starts to see significant changes in mood and that after 6 sessions, there is even more progress. We also know that ketamine is not for everyone but allowing yourself to try a journey to another conscious state may provide the catalyst that your mind needs for healing. 



Community Partners

Community Partners

At Therapy Transformed, we believe in building a community of supporters to help us on our own personal journey. As business owners and members of our local community it is important that we support other businesses whose mission aligns with our own to support mental health and wellness and “brave change from within.” We are excited to highlight a few of these businesses here.

Life Tree Psychiatry
Dr. Josh Hooton and his team at Life Tree Psychiatry provide an innovative approach to Ketamine Therapy and are one of the leading providers in Utah for using Ketamine Induction Therapy to treat clients with persistent depression and anxiety issues. Along with Ketamine therapy, Dr. Hooton provides psychiatric services for a variety of concerns and behaviors.

Promptly Journals
“We believe in the power of writing to bring healing, peace, clarity, and connection to our lives. At Promptly, we create prompted journals to help you record the memories that make you who you are, and journals that help you better connect with yourself and the people in your life. The best way to honor your unique stories and relationships is to write down the details. We’re here to help.”


Ascendant Tracker
Through their innovative mobile app and provider platform, Ascendant Tracker aims to help you and your therapist achieve a better awareness of your mental health.


Soul Revive Yoga
Trauma Informed Yoga with Andrea Steele
Website Coming Soon