Therapy Transformed & Journease


Providing ethical, high-quality psychedelic ketamine training for medical professionals, therapists and others members of the community.

Ketamine Training

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Over 12 years of experience in psychedelic training and ketamine-assisted therapy

  • Dedicated to providing ethical, high-quality training and care that is evidence-based and always evolving

  • Aim to provide each client with highly customized care and/or training.

It was very humbling. It showed me that being a sitter isn’t as simple as I previously thought. It opened my eyes to the complexity of holding space for the client. Actually experiencing someone dropping in and supporting them as they come out the other side is no joke.

 – Amy B. 

If your looking for understanding, knowledge and experience within the psychedelic therapy world, an excellent choice would be the sitter training at Journease. Dr. Coleman and Morgan Gonzales are passionate about their work and gladly, with enthusiasm, transfer that passion, knowledge and experience throughout the weekend. The venue is safe, comfortable and nourishing. Just dive in for a few days.


This group training was an incredible experience. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by powerful, kind, and thoughtful women who were able to check their egos at the door and engage in true healing, collaboration, and meaningful discussion. I’m grateful to Journease and Therapy Transformed for creating such a wonderful space to learn in.

 – Kellie P.