Therapy Transformed is so excited to begin Mindful Movement sessions! These sessions will be available near our Utah office locations and will provide an opportunity to move your body in nature as a supportive aspect to regular therapy.

What is Mindful Movement?

Moving our bodies in nature is an integral piece of starting to heal ourselves. The mindful movement session helps to create space for our mind, body, and soul to create deeper self connection and meaning making. Our therapists are trained in somatic resourcing, grounding and utilization of nature for integration. The intention and benefit of these sessions is to incorporate nature and movement as a catalyst to deeper healing and to complement your current therapy practice. 

How is Mindful Movement helpful?

Mindful movement sessions provide the opportunity to focus on somatic work and to become your own internal healer. We go throughout our daily lives with consistent activation and triggers that feel overwhelming or uncomfortable to our psyche. The goal with mindful movement is to have more connection with our bodies to identify and to recognize our activation and learn skills that will help deactivate and re-regulate our nervous system.  Thus, these sessions are provided as an adjunct to traditional talk therapy, accenting cognitive and intellectualized strategies and provide a holistic method of healing and skill building. Nature provides an enhanced medium in which to ground ourselves and practice self regulation.

What do these sessions look like?

Mindful movement session structure: Meet your therapist at a designated location. Your therapist will begin by helping you start with intention setting, somatic mindfulness and then attune to your needs as you move your body. These mindful movements t can be walking, sitting, stretching or a mix of these: it’s about slowing down, and learning to listen to yourself.

If you are interested in adding Mindful Movement to your therapy, reach out to your individual therapist or contact our office at 801-899-3558.