At Therapy Transformed, we believe in building a community of supporters to help us on our own personal journey. As business owners and members of our local community it is important that we support other businesses whose mission aligns with our own to support mental health and wellness and “brave change from within.” We are excited to highlight a few of these businesses here.

Life Tree Psychiatry
Dr. Josh Hooton and his team at Life Tree Psychiatry provide an innovative approach to Ketamine Therapy and are one of the leading providers in Utah for using Ketamine Induction Therapy to treat clients with persistent depression and anxiety issues. Along with Ketamine therapy, Dr. Hooton provides psychiatric services for a variety of concerns and behaviors.

Promptly Journals
“We believe in the power of writing to bring healing, peace, clarity, and connection to our lives. At Promptly, we create prompted journals to help you record the memories that make you who you are, and journals that help you better connect with yourself and the people in your life. The best way to honor your unique stories and relationships is to write down the details. We’re here to help.”


Ascendant Tracker
Through their innovative mobile app and provider platform, Ascendant Tracker aims to help you and your therapist achieve a better awareness of your mental health.


Soul Revive Yoga
Trauma Informed Yoga with Andrea Steele
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