Come Work With Us

We are looking for therapists with strong ethical standards of care who are dedicated to collaboration, teamwork, continued learning, and are open minded to the melding of Eastern and Western practices to come and work with us.

Work With Us

Why Work With Us?

  • Passionate and Inclusive Team: Therapy Transformed is composed of passionate individuals dedicated to providing trauma-informed, evidence-based therapy. The team values diversity and inclusivity, coming from various backgrounds and specialties.
  • Innovative Approaches: We are on the cutting edge of new therapeutic practices including Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.  We also value the incorporation of nature into therapy with our Mindful Movement sessions.
  • Professional Growth: For clinicians, Therapy Transformed offers opportunities for professional growth and development, where therapists can enhance their skills and expertise.
  • Client-Centered Approach: The organization’s focus on matching clients with therapists who are a good fit for their specific needs and personality underlines a commitment to a client-centered approach.
  • Shared Vision: The team at Therapy Transformed shares a common vision of helping others, creating safe and empowering spaces, and enabling clients to work toward their best lives. 

If you are interested in joining our team. Please call our office at (801) 899-3558 or email us at