This is an ideal group for those who are experiencing a change in their religious and spiritual identities.

Changes in our religious beliefs can be all-encompassing. It often affects our self-identity, sense of belonging, social support, emotional wellbeing, and existential safety. Additionally, it’s difficult to know who we can turn to when our ideas and beliefs begin to shift. This combination of effects can leave us feeling lonely and confused.

“Many individuals are born into belief systems in their families and religious communities, and it is in these early groups where they are steeped in messages that affect their ideas about themselves and the world.” (Alyson M. Stone, 2013)

The reality is you are not the only one experiencing these struggles. Many of us, wherever we are on the religious spectrum, have confronted the physical, emotional, and spiritual obstacles associated with embracing new or changing beliefs. Yet, your story is also unique and valuable. You deserve a place where you can share your story and find connections with others.

The benefit of a support group is that it offers us a chance to do this. It will be a group where you can speak openly, bravely, and safely. Engaging in this is an important step in your overall journey and healing. Additionally, we will focus on listening to each other in order to better inform our perspectives and share about the ways we’ve found to move forward.

Whatever your religious faith background is in, the purpose of this group is to openly discuss our experiences, doubts, frustrations, fears, traumas, grief, etc. Our goal is to create a safe environment to discuss our evolving beliefs and find support from those who are experiencing the same transition. We ask that you come with an attitude of respect, vulnerability, and cooperation.

Group Details

  • This is a closed group (i.e. others cannot join the group once it has begun) and will consist of 5-8 members. The therapist leading this group is Stefan Chase, CSW (see the About page on our website for his bio).
  • Currently, this group will be meeting on Monday evenings from 6:00 – 7:30 pm. It will be held every week at the same time for a 6-week period. At the conclusion of the 6 weeks, group members may discuss whether or not they would like to extend the group therapy for another 6-week period.
  • Meetings will be held virtually via Google Meet. A strong internet connection is ideal in order to facilitate a smooth experience. Additionally, you must have a private location from which to participate to ensure confidentiality for all group members.
  • This group costs $180 for the 6-week period, which is due prior to the first meeting.
  • A brief 15-minute call with the therapist is required prior to the first meeting in order to meet one another and answer any questions. If you are interested in joining please contact Stefan Chase via email: 


Alyson M. Stone. (2013). Thou Shalt Not: Treating Religious Trauma and Spiritual Harm With Combined Therapy. Group, 37(4), 323-337. doi:10.13186/group.37.4.0323